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Why is our software the best in the industry?


We created the first scratch-off lottery tracking software and have been the industry leader for the past five years. This software has evolved from being a simple lottery calculator to a complete multifaceted lottery management system. Over five years of design, testing, improvement and innovation have translated into a superior product of the most premium quality

Time Line


From start to finish, we have aimed to reach perfection with every new update.


  • icon Automated Lotto Shift Reports
    The report will display the name, value, packnumber, opening and closing positions, as well as total sales.
  • icon Generates Day Reports
    Combines multiple shifts into a master shift that allows you to see daily activations and sold out packs.
  • icon E-mail reports
    The software will automatically email a report to you at the end of each shift.
  • icon Activation History
    Selectable date ranges to view activations with EFT amounts.
  • icon Ticket History
    View each ticket packnumber history from activation to end.
  • icon EFT Amounts
    View EFT totals for weekly, monthly, yearly, or selected dates. You can also view your last billing cycle.
  • icon Best Selling Packs
    View your best selling packs before activating another ticket.
  • icon Inventory Count
    Keeps track of your daily inventory to prevent theft.
  • icon Employee Password
    Stay in control of your inventory and ticket database.
  • icon Automatic Back-Up
    Your data is automatically securely backed up to our servers. *Monthly subscription required*
  • icon New Ticket Databases
    Software databases will be updated with every new ticket released. *Monthly subscription required*
  • icon Extended Reports
    Extended reports make managing your shifts easier by showing you expenses, vendor payments, and totals for each shift.
  • icon Weekly, Monthly, & Yearly Sales Totals
    Easily look up the number of activations and sale totals.
  • icon View Reports in Multiple Formats
    Save your reports in pdf or excel format
  • icon Free Updates
    Others might charge you for update but all of our updates are free
  • icon Automatically Fixes Incorrect Ticket Positions
    System doesn't only catches human errors, it also catches barcode scanner errors

icon Very powerful features built right in

When we innovate then everyone else follows.

  • Easy to use interface
  • Automatically fix reports
  • Automatically correct box number
  • Rich report formats
  • Set user permissions
  • Monitor inventory
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