• Lottery Tracking System

    Our new lottery tracking system was designed to replace the handwritten method of tracking sales. By using a barcode scanner that connects to your computer, you can simply scan the lottery ticket being sold and the program will track the ticket position. At the end of each shift you simply scan the next ticket in each box so the program can calculate how many tickets have been sold as well as your total profit from tickets sales that day. Reports from the program's data can be printed at your convienience.

  • Intuitive Interface

    Our new user interface allows you to use touch screen without ever needing a keyboard or a mouse. Also, it is responsive, therefore, you can adjust to different sizes without losing basic functionality. Every problem can be fixed in a few simple steps which makes our software easy to learn and operate.

  • Automatically Generate Reports

    With our new program, closing shifts will be easier than ever. You no longer have to spend time writing down ticket positions for every pack you have, just scan the barcode and let the program do the work for you!

  • Customer Support

    Get help when you need it with our new support ticketing system. Just fill out a support ticket directy though the software and our developers will walk you through any issue you have. This system makes it fast and easy to get help therefore you'll never get left behind.

  • Automatically Share Reports

    System sends you a copy of the shift and daily reports at the close of a shift. Simply enter your e-mail address in the settings menu and select how often you would like a report. Now you can track your tickets sales without having to stop by your store.

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    Lottery Management Software

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    Intuitive interface

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    Easy Reports

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    Customer Support

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    Database Management

We make lottery scanning seamless

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    Responsive Interface

    Our software is designed to work with windows tablets with all sizes
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    Works with other States' Lottery

    We are currently in 15 States and our software can easily be modified to work with your State's Lottery Tickets
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    Fix reports automatically

    This is our most powerful feature, reports will fix themselves from miss ticket placements, backward tickets, and ticket price changes. Also it will keep the copy of your original report.

icon Features at a glance

icon Very powerful options built right in

This powerful tool can help you secure your lottery ticket's inventory and also calculate shift and daily reports

  • Easy to use interface
  • Free software updates
  • Automatically fix box number and reports
  • Rich report formats
  • Set user permissions
  • Monitor inventory
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